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Energy Saving

Our intelligent energy management system and devices enable the owners to monitor and reduce energy consumption of companies and home's electronics, conserve resources, and save money. We make energy conservation affordable and easy, without sacrificing comfort or convenience. We provide a holistic energy management system, which covers all important functions and can be operated efficiently using the cost advantage of self-consumed energy already available. 

We allow the owners to track their property’s energy consumption, in real-time, from practically anywhere. A web-based portal, accessible from mobile devices and home computers, will show the owners their daily energy usage in both do Riyal and kilowatts, with the ability to look at the data on an hourly basis. The slandered system is also the base of a platform that can be enhanced to include home automation features such as remote door, lighting, thermostat and security system operations, and all the other features.  Our energy management system is simple to install. By interfacing directly with your existing system, there’s no need to build a new networkIn fact, installation can take as little as 20 minutes per room. Within any project there can be found many different load types required to achieve a desired result. Each of these different load types may require a different style of control. Our range of actuators and controllers allows customization of the output types via different output module units.


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